Marang has found a new best friend since arriving at the Rhino Orphanage. He was found near his mother in April when he was just 10 days old.


Marang, meaning ‘Ray of Sunshine’ was found near his mother shortly after she was killed by poachers. He was just 10 days old when he was rescued and taken to the Rhino Orphanage.

The sweet-natured little rhino calf was too small to be introduced to the other orphans and so his carer had to make other plans for companionship.

In an interview with the Dodo, his caretaker confirmed how well Marang has been since meeting his new best friend.

“Because he is so much smaller than the other young rhinos at the orphanage, we are not able to pair him up with another rhino,” – Yolande, a caretaker for Marang at the orphanage

Elsa, a little lamb also living at the orphanage, decided to visit Marang whenever possible. That is when Yolande noticed how well the two animals got on.

“Elsa started wandering into Marang’s room,”

“Soon we realized that he likes this strange tan and white creature.”

Both Elsa and Marang had lost their mothers so they were an ideal match. Both the animals had a fair bit of adjusting to make but thanks to Elsa, Marang’s adjustment was much easier.

“There was something not quite right with Elsa,”

“She would bloat severely after a bottle feed. We tried different milk formulas and concentrations, electrolytes and medication, but nothing helped. We had to manage her very carefully as the bloat, if too severe, could kill her and also caused discomfort and even pain.”

“We altered her feeds, fed her with the head and shoulders elevated to help with the release of air, and gave her smoothies,”

“We are now at a point where Elsa is fully weaned and actually picking up weight.”

Elsa was getting really strong when Marang was brought to the orphanage. That is when Elsa connected and helped Marang get stronger. Now they are both able to venture outside and soak up the glorious winter sunshine.

Sources: The Dodo
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