Adam Spires – Wannabe Vlogger was with CapeNature to bring awareness to their Heritage Day campaign and filmed awesome footage of 100yr old Giant Redwoods


Adam Spires was invited to visit one of the CapeNature reserves. This was done into help bring awareness to their Heritage Day campaign. They are offering free entry to their reserves for the week leading up to Heritage Day.

Adam, his brother and fellow vlogger ‘Slice of Matt’ got the opportunity to explore the Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve.They went mountain biking in the most beautiful forest. Adam stopped to share the moment he spotted something he never thought he would see in South Africa. The reserve is home the the Giant Californian Redwoods of Cape Town.

“Tucked away in a small part of a CapeNature reserve, a small grove of Giant Californian Redwoods have been growing for over 100 years…”

The tallest tree is around 52m and is over 100 years old. The entire vlog is just greenery and trees. Adam takes a moment to stop and soak in the sounds of the streams running by and the birds chirping up in the trees. Spotting the Redwoods brought him absolute joy.

You can watch Adam’s vlog below and see the breathtaking drone footage below.

Giant Redwood in SA? VLOG_090

(WATCH) Drone captures amazing footage of FORGOTTEN GIANT REDWOODS in SOUTH AFRICA!Tucked away in a small part of a CapeNature reserve, a small grove of Giant Californian Redwoods have been growing for over 100 years…YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! Please SHARE this video and get people exploring our HeritageLIKE MY PAGE // TAG A FRIEND // LEAVE A COMMENTCheck out Sliceofmatt and go subscribe to is YouTube channel for awesome daily vlogging. Thanks to Garmin and Cannondale. #virb360 #BeatYesterday #360experience

Posted by Adam Spires – Wannabe Vlogger on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

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  1. Loved your story about the giant redwoods. My father planted I believe about 10 to 15 redwoods in the Transkei near the Drakensberg foothill mountains in the 1950’s. He was a SA forester seconded to the Transkei government to help with forestry management. They have thrived under almost perfect conditions. I believe they are much bigger than the 100 yr redwoods in your drone footage. I currently reside in the USA. I have been working on this projector for almost 10 yrs now to save these magnificent specimens for the next generations to enjoy! I am getting some traction for the Kwazulu Natal historic preservation folks. I desperately need your help to get the much needed publicity to save these trees from a large private timber co that currently leases these government forests. HELP!!

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