Watch: A video of a snake attacking a man riding a motorbike is going viral


The motorcyclist narrowly escaped the jaws of a snake while riding along a road in Lampang Thailand. The video is quickly going viral and people are freaked!


The motorcyclist was being filmed from a car behind him when all of a sudden a snake targeted his leg and sprung forward to attack. Luckily the motorcyclist saw the reptile coming and was able to swerve around it avoiding its bite.

The video was captured in Lampang, Thailand on the 16th of April and has quickly spread across the internet and become the number 10 trending video on YouTube South Africa. It has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube and nearly 5 million views on Facebook.

People have commented on the videos guessing that the snake is possibly a Copperhead racer which is different from the Copperhead snake found in North America.

“Thailand’s Copperheaded Racers are large rat snakes that feed heavily on large rodents and are frequently found near houses and markets where a rat population exists. These snakes will rarely bite you if you are walking by, but if you are pursuing a copperheaded racer – it will turn and move toward you with many folds in it’s neck, ready to strike.”

This is the first time that a video has surfaced of a snake striking a passing by vehicle/ motorcycle but not a first for the presumed snake breed to cross a highway at a fast speed and prepare to strike a passer-by.

If you look up rat snakes in Thailand you will find many video’s featuring quick snakes ready to strike. Thankfully this snake missed it’s target. We hope the snake made it across the road safely too! Watch the crazy video below:

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Sources: YouTube / Thailand Snakes

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