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Jon Reid has traveled the world capturing some of the most beautiful views and it’s just part of his job. Recently he was sent to his hometown, Cape Town.


Jon Reid has been working as a Travel photographer, traveling all over the world to photograph and film some of the most beautiful locations known to man! Jon Reid is a South African native that once called Cape Town home. His success is what has led him to work for companies such as Tourism Media an Australian travel content agency and Expedia to name a few.

He was sent on an assignment by Tourisim Media he would never forget, to capture the raw beauty of Cape Town, South Africa for Expedia. The travel content agency posted the backstory of the Expedia video on their website.

Last year we sent cameraman, Jon Reid, to shoot his ol’ stomping ground, Cape Town. The assignment came after a year or two of hint dropping. Whenever we gushed over his latest shots from some fabulous destination, he’d often reply, “when you guys let me shoot Cape Town, then you’ll see some truly amazing shots!”

We spend our days editing photographs and video from some of the world’s most picturesque destinations, but when we received Jon’s Cape Town files our jaws hit the floor. Not only were the shots spectacular, Jon returned with three times as much footage as usual. The man mustn’t have slept! – Johnny Danalis, Tourism Media

Jon has promoted Cape Town as a must see city for anyone who has never been! He encourages his following to add South Africa to their lists.

“The bulk of the work that I did in South Africa was in Cape Town, where I spent 8 days filming and photographing this world class city for Expedia. You would think that originating from a place would dampen the effect it would have on me as a tourist, but not so! The experience in Cape Town pushed it to be my favourite place in the world to visit.”

“When I filmed the Cape Town video, I saw it as an opportunity to showcase some of the incredible richness of the country to the rest of the world.”

If you have not seen the video yet, you need to! you can read our post about it and watch the video here. On Jon’s website/blog, he shared some of his favourite images from his trip, they are breath taking! His images are wonderful, if you would like to see more of his work you can check it out here

Jon Reid Jon Reid Jon Reid Jon Reid Jon Reid Cape Town Jon Reid

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Sources: Nomadic Vision / Tourism Media

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