Photo Credit: Thomas van Viegen

A young vervet monkey was found entangles in an electric fence, the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital helped to get him back to health.


Irene, South Africa (30 July. 2020) – Young vervet monkeys are very curious little creatures and this can sometimes get them in a bit of trouble as one learned recently. A young vervet monkey was found on a farm in Irene, entangled in an electric fence.

The monkey had been electrocuted as a result and was injured in an attempt to escape the shocks. Sadly, his family were unable to help free him.

Thomas van Viegen and his family found the injured monkey and quickly contacted the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for assistance.

“After being found entangled in electric fencing and barbed wire, this young Vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) was brought to our hospital for assistance. Upon examination, he was relatively unresponsive due to shock, electrocution and the trauma he had endured. Not only disorientated, but he also had swelling and bruising on his left arm. Fourways Vet Hospital kindly assisted with Xrays, which revealed fluid accumulation (oedema) in the lungs. This is commonly associated with electrocution. He also showed limited use of his left arm which seemed paralysed.

We treated him with medication to assist drawing fluid off of his lungs. We watched closely to observe him and the use of his left arm. Over the next few days, he became more and more alert and slowly began to use his left arm. This suggested that it was likely radial nerve paralysis, which in this case, was temporary. Once he had a healthy appetite and had developed fine motor skill ability in his left arm, we wanted to reunite him with the troop that he originally came from.

We were lucky to be able to collaborate with the family who had found the monkey on their farm, in Irene. Thomas, his family, and their vet were able to locate the troop and monitor its movements. Our team’s Dr Kelsey and Steff took the little monkey to Irene, hopeful for a reunion.

After leaving the cage with the young vervet out to vocalise for his mother, our team was immediately able to pick out the mother. She was the only vervet who kept creeping closer to baby vervet as he called and vocalised. Happy that this was the right troop, the cage was opened and he bolted straight into his mother’s open arms!

Our thanks go to Thomas and his family for bringing the vervet through and being very active in the release and safeguarding of all indigenous wildlife on their property.”

Take a look at how the monkey and his mother embraced after being reunited below.

The veterinary hospital treats indigenous animals free of charge so anyone wanting to support them, can do so via the methods below. Below are the various payment options for the Wildlife Vet, they rely on donations so if you are able to, you can donate through these methods.


Paypal:… (For the USA and international-based donors)

Johannesburg Wildlife NPC
FNB Cheque account
Account nr: 62658400264
Branch code: 255355
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Photo Credit: Thomas van Viegen

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