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Covered in dust and the remains of yet another airstrike in the Syrian city of Idlib, a young man clutches a small baby and cries.


It’s hard to tell what his tears are for as he softly weeps in the back of an ambulance. Are they out of relief? Disbelief? It’s mostly silent as gloved hands dab at the baby’s dirty face. There is some blood, but her eyes are open. She makes little baby sounds. As she reaches up to her rescuer, he utters a plea over and over. “Ya Allah.” Dear God.

The Daily Mail reported that she’s not his daughter, but he later revealed that it felt like she was.

The man, Abu-Kifah, is a Syrian Civil Defense volunteer.

They call them the “White Helmets“, a Nobel Peace Prize nomination volunteer force, dedicated to rescuing victims of bombings and shellings. The 3,000-member group are first responders at the scenes of airstrikes by Russian and Syrian government forces, pulling survivors from the rubble of collapsed apartment buildings and homes.

Fortunately for Abu-Kifah and his team… this is a moment of consolation amongst pain.

The baby and her family survived the attack. He and three or four other people dug for hours to free the infant from the rubble. He estimates she is no more than 30 days old.

The video which was released has again brought the world’s attention to the plight of the Syrian people. As heartbreaking as the video is to watch, it can only make us thankful for people like Abu-Kifah and the rest of the White Helmets who are saving thousands of lives everyday.

Watch the video below:

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