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Today is World Environment Day (WED) and the theme for 2018 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. We can all easily do this by following these simple steps:


WED is the United Nation’s most significant day of the year for encouraging worldwide awareness and action regarding the preservation of our environment. Every year, ninety-one countries, as well as hundreds of green awareness campaign and organisations come together to celebrate this significant day concerning our environment.

This year’s theme for World Environmental Day is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and invites more people and countries to consider making changes in their everyday lives to help reduce the heavy pollution of plastic in order to benefit our environment.

Disposable plastic is suffocating our planet but here are three easy steps to help fight it.


Reduce the amount of plastic you use. Say no to straws, plastic bags and unrecyclable plastics. Instead, invest in reusable options like metal straws and fabric bags.


Reuse any packaging and containers that are safe to do so. PET plastic bottles are safe to reuse so once you finish your favourite fizzy drink, wash the bottle and reuse it for water.


If reusing isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to recycle it. Even if you don’t have a designated recycling company, by placing all your recyclables in one bag on top of your dustbin, you could help out informal recyclers. This method also prevents them having to dig through your trash to get the recyclable goods.

It is not only plastic that can be recycled. Glass, paper and tins are also welcomed recycling goods. If you do only one thing, separate your recyclables from your other waste. It may not seem like it, but it really makes a difference.

To help you along the way here is a rather catchy song to celebrate. Happy World Environment Day everyone.

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