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Today is World Ranger Day and the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa honoured South Africa’s bravest animal lovers for their dedication.


World Ranger Day is used to honour the hard working and dedicated people that spend day and night making sure our animals and plants are safe and protected. These men and women stand together in a constant war on poaching.

The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa paid tribute to the Rangers of South Africa for their hard work in protecting South Africa’s rich and beautiful biodiversity.

“Rangers in certain parts of South Africa face daily hardships in their efforts to protect many of our species, such as the elephant, rhino, cycad and abalone, from unscrupulous poachers.

Our country’s natural beauty derived from our enormous biodiversity is a key income generator and thus an important contributor to our economy through job creation and tourism. It is through the actions of these brave men and women, who risk their lives daily to protect our natural world and our many species,”

While on the front line for the war on poaching these brave souls face constant danger but they also face the heartbreak of witnessing poaching first hand. They are normally the first people on the scene of tragic and senseless poaching incident.

They fight hard, tracking and capturing the people responsible for poaching. They never give up and for this we honour them too. We thank every ranger out there, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and those who have lost their lives, we remember your bravery.

“As we remember those rangers across the world who have lost their lives protecting our natural heritage, let us follow their example by committing ourselves to working together protect our wonderful world, (ensuring) the survival of species of plants and wildlife for generations to come.” – Dr Edna Molewa

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