Baby Groot has inspired Marvel to plant tree’s for Earth Month, all you have to do is dance!

Baby Groot

Exciting news for Guardians of the Galaxy fans! Marvel is asking everyone to do the Baby Groot dance and in return they will plant 250,000 trees for Earth Month!


The new Guardians of the Galaxy movie is set to be an epic one and the character that has everyone talking is the adorable Baby Groot! If you have seen the trailer you will have seen him, about palm sized and full of mischief. If you haven’t seen the first movie look away now because SPOILER ALERT!

Adult Groot sacrificed himself to save Peter Quill, Rocket, and the rest of the GOTG team. We all thought he was gone forever. Thankfully, a sapling of Groot was recovered by Rocket and he regrew into the lovable Baby Groot and thus, an adorable icon was born.

In honour of Earth Month, Marvel has committed to planting 250,000 trees in the name of Baby Groot. All they ask in return is for each fan to post a video doing the baby Groot dance. Marvel will be donating $1 to the Disney Conservation Fund for every dance published.

From April 18th to May 5th, Marvel fans can post a video of themselves doing their own Groot Dance Bomb on Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #GrootDanceBomb, which will result in a tree being planted by Marvel and the Disney Conservation Fund.

Marvel will donate a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $250,000 aka a quarter of a million trees.

They asked YouTuber D-Trix to create an easy dance for fans to copy so he came up with the #GrootDanceBomb. All it is, is hips, arms and spin! You can see the dance tutorial at the end of the video.

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