A black South Africans viral post details why he no longer has white friends and it’s HYSTERICAL!!!

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Tommy T Madiba wrote a post back in 2014 about an experience he had that led him to abandon all his white friends forever. His story literally had us in tears of laughter, it’s too funny not to share!


Tommy T Madiba had a moment back in 2014 that is still as funny today as it was back then. Since posting it in 2014 it wasn’t seen by many people but today it is going viral and fast!

The experience was obviously so scarring that it led him to stop being friends with white people.

Obviously, he wrote the piece in such a way that it would have maximum hilarity and in no way means to harm or offend anyone. It’s purely satirical.

We were practically howling with laughter by the end of it. Read it below:

“Tjoooo. So look the first time I ever got on this ride called the “Tower of Terror” at Gold Reef City I was with a white family and you know white folks are crazy so they didn’t fear roller coasters or death in General.

After about 10 minutes of telling them that I didn’t wanna get on, I finally said “YES” cause I have never been a bitch and I didn’t plan on starting that day.

When the white lady Engineer (Operator) said “PLEASE LEAN BACK AND KEEP THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD PRESSED AGAINST YOUR SEAT” and I saw everyone stick the back of their head to the chair… I knew at that moment that I had made the worst decision of my life cause I even saw some black folks listen, and you know that when black people listen to a white lady’s advice, it’s the real deal.


The ride takes off and my head slams into the chair while my neck snapped… UNCONSCIOUS INSTANTLY…

When I woke up from my 3-second slumber we had reached the very top of the ride where the ride makes a quick pause… when the ride made that pause I opened my eyes cause I thought the ride was over and we all made it safely.


I opened my eyes and the only thing I saw was a 100-meter drop straight to the ground so I said: “Ntate, Rara, GOD, YOU CANT LET ME DIE LIKE THIS”.

I think I suffered a heart contusion cause my heart completely stopped beating…


We make the 100-meter drop and I scream my lungs out as I’m scared to death because the only time a human being should be that high in the air is when their spirit is being sucked into heaven by the Grace of God.

I knew there was another black brother on that ride because I could hear “Iyoo, Mmawe” from the back”…

So we safely make it to the end of the ride and when I get off I stumble out of the seat cause my legs went numb and all air was sucked out of my body so I couldn’t talk either…

The first thing that these crazy MF’s say to me is “HEY MAN LETS DO THAT AGAIN THAT WAS WICKED”.

I looked at them and realized that this dude was actually SATAN. I no longer have white friends.”

We have one comment to make in regards to Tommy’s thoughts on white people and that is, not all white people are mad for rollercoasters and I am personally more of a Tommy in this situation, only I couldn’t even bring myself to stand in the line for the ride without nearly passing away from heart failure.

Are you a team Tommy or team Rollercoaster?

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