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Darren and Sherlin host the Kfm Breakfast show every morning and as part of a prank set up by Darren a man asked Sherlin out on live radio… It gets worse!


Darren has been working hard behind the scenes of the Kfm Breakfast Show. His co-host Sherlin received a seemingly random request from a listener, while live on radio she was asked out on a date. Feeling nervous the Breakfast team urged her to say yes and the date was set. The moment she said yes Darren started playing the wedding march. Cheeky!!!

The date took place at the Cape Town Fish Market in the V&A Waterfront. What Sherlin didn’t know was that the entire thing was set up by her prankster co-host Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson. According to Kfm this is the funniest prank Darren has ever done.

Jacques was set up with an ear piece that was connected to a microphone so Darren could give him instructions on what to do. His first instruction was to comment on her perfume, which poor Sherlin took offence to.

“Jacques: ‘That perfume, is it Red Door?'” – Darren 

*Jacques Repeats question to Sherlin

“No it’s not! Can I just say I take offense because my mother wears it, you are basically saying I smell like a mother” – Sherlin

“Because my Gran used to wear that!” – Darren 

*Jacques Repeats 

Sherlin was blown away by the comment and Jacques quickly tried to repair the offence he had caused. The rest of the video just gets even more awkward/ hilarious! Watch below:

Sources:  KFM 
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