The goats ate what? The Fairview Wine and Cheese company took to its Facebook to share a hilarious story about how its goat herd ate all the cannabis they planted… and made some “Muncheese”.


Cape Town, South Africa (01 April 2022) – Fairview Wine and Cheese has left a few cheese fans in stitches with the tale of how their new cannabis-infused goat cheese was made.

It all started when the team applied for their cannabis grower’s license from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA). They planned to export the product for medicinal purposes (we have heard that one before!).

The company has quite a delicious range of goats cheese, and their herd is as curious and destructive as any goat herd you may encounter. Not too long ago, the goats got out and decided to snack on a new field of moreish greens, something they couldn’t stop nibbling at. The herder found them in a right state…

“Early one morning the herd of milking goats escaped from their paddock and made their way to the hidden cannabis plantation. They grazed excessively and within a few hours, the once thriving 2ha cannabis field, had essentially disappeared! All that remained was the goat herd, half of which were sleeping amongst the carnage and the rest visibly perplexed and moving at a fraction of their usual, fun & frantic pace.

The goats were found shortly before the afternoon milking and were, with considerable effort, able to be milked. Upon analysis it was found that the milk contained surprisingly high counts of both THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, and CBD. Further research showed that the reason for the high levels shown was because CBD binds well with the amino acids found in goats’ milk and THC cannabinoids in turn attach themselves to the smaller fat globules found in the milk. Once attached, the cannabinoids become concentrated, heightening the chemical composition and increasing the psychoactive effect when consumed.”

What is a company to do when its cash crop has disappeared, and the next batch of cheese is noticeably tainted? They find a loophole, of course, and bring to market a cannabis-infused goat cheese aptly named “Muncheese”. The world loves cannabis-infused treats, so why not a cheese?

“Currently, no legislation exists that makes clear reference to the infusion of cannabis brought about by a natural process, namely an animal consuming the plant before excreting milk.”

Now in the world of cannabis-infused products, whoever would have thought they would want camembert? Cheese lovers, of course. Beware, though; the stuff packs a punch!

“Side effects of consuming the cheese include lowered pain, lowered anxiety, increased sense of humour and colourful hallucinations. Consume in moderation. 1 x 25g serving is equal to 3 puffs of a mild sativa joint. Do not consume before operating heavy machinery.”

Naturally, the product is already in high demand, so you will need to sign up for the pre-order here. With the cheese being such a hit, the team are very curious to look into “well-cured” bacon next.

PS: Happy 1st of April (cough, cough); maybe read everything with a pinch of salt today. We adored this story and felt silly for getting hooked by the joke at first. But heck, what a funny way to start the day! You can read the post in its entirety here. It has been steadily going viral, and people are loving how lighthearted it is.

Sources: Fairview Wine and Cheese
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