University Professor tweets #Classwatch2017 comedy gold

Professor Adam Heath Avitable ran a live commentary about his empty class while waiting for his elusive students and it is hilarious!


Adam is a Professor, Writer and Comedian based in Florida. Professor Avitable was there to do a lecture but nobody showed up to his class. He started live tweeting his disappointment and while his tweets are hilarious, you can feel his heart breaking and its so relatable!

He started off tweeting an image of the empty classroom he was waiting in and captioned it with a pretty good question.

But that was only the beginning, Adam proceeded to tweet for the next 90 minutes about the roller coaster of emotions he felt.

Well Adam the whole world is now laughing with you!

The reason Adam is so funny is because he talks about feelings we have all felt at one point or another. Have you ever been waiting for someone to fetch you and started freaking out when they were late?

Adam showcases this perfectly and even starts getting paranoid about the safety of the world.

You can tell he is starting to get a little fed up now, he has been waiting for a whole 40 minutes.

He even has a Cinderella moment while waiting and starts talking to the birds, although the bird snubs him too!

What a great guy, he even brought candy for all his students.

If you haven’t felt Adams pain yet his next few tweets pulls right on the heart strings and catch you in the feels! Don’t worry Adam we are all here for you!

Finally Professor Avitable catches a break!

This is proof that Adam is a great guy even after all he has been through, sharing the candy with his students anyway.

And that is how professor Adam Heath Avitable taught us all that a little humor can make any situation better. We hope that his students show up next time and if not, the rest of us are here ready and waiting to listen to what he has to say.

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