Coconut Kelz joined eNCA in the studio to discuss the state of the nation, but South Africa missed the joke!

What did this idiot say? Fees must do what..?


Johannesburg, South Africa – A South African writer and comedian joined eNCA to chat about the state of the nation, but for some reason, the majority of viewers think her character and opinions are real.

Lesego Tlhabi created Coconut Kelz, an entitled millennial ditz with a weekly studio guest appearance on 702, to put a fresh, satirical spin on what happens in South Africa every day!

Then funny South African wants to start important conversations!

When being interviewed by Cosmopolitan Thlabi explained that “People are defensive first, before they engage or listen. Satire is a great way to appeal to people who ordinarily might not want to engage. They usually catch the truth even if it’s later. Sometimes it’s better to share a laugh, than to lecture.”

But it is her most recent TV interview which has gone viral on social media that is taking the comedian to new heights, particularly with people who have no clue that she is actually trying to be funny.

The interview is being shared by thousands who are quite concerned for our country.

Kyle David Rajoo posted: “I’m certain this woman was high when she did this.”

Dylan Reynolds added: “Wow this is the future of this country… well, we’re f**ked.”

Lerato Setsibe Mosiane said: “All that English and no brain.”

Luckily, many pointed out who she is, and South Africa collectively breathed a sigh of relief and then watched it again to laugh.

Candace Feinberg commented: “You know this is satirical right? She’s on YouTube as Coconut Kelz. It’s okay to laugh guys.”

Bryan Travis added: “She is a comedian and this is clearly satirical. Yoh South Africans are gullible AF.”

Dene Botha said: “False alarm! It’s a comedian called Coconut Kelz taking the piss… Thank all things, Holy! I was just about to cancel my flight back to SA and stay in the UK as a refugee!”

Kelz certainly pulled one over many South Africans, but now you know who she is, follow her on Instagram and watch the full video for a laugh.

“So all of the DA members, we live on this one grid line, it comes from Nkandla actually… thank you, Jacob! But ja, we live on this one grid but it’s unfortunate because I like loadshedding as it’s quite romantic, you can watch movies and have candlelight.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: Youtube | Coconut Kelz | Cosmopolitan 
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