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DECA, a South African guitar and violin duo, challenged couples to share a kiss in public for Valentine’s Day 2018 and to show the world that #LoveIsLove – regardless of race, sexual orientation or species…


DECA is a musical duo made up by Herman Steyn, on the violin, and Douw Steyn, on the guitar. They play beautiful instrumental music and often do covers of popular songs. Their latest cover and accompanying music video is Prince’s ‘Kiss’.

They filmed the music video to show that Love is Love and it worked really well. They approached couples and asked them to kiss for the camera and mostly got positive responses. One or two people may have offered to punch their lights out but looking back, it was still a successful day.

DECA has recently launched their new album “DECA II”, which features covers of existing songs, such as Shape of You, Despacito and Kiss. They also worked on three original songs, Irish Festival, St Paddy’s Jig and Oorwin, which are set to impress the public.

“Oorwin was written by Douw Steyn and William de Bruin, who is also co-producer of the album. William went through severe depression in 2017 and the song was inspired by the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that it will appeal to anyone going through a difficult time,” the musicians said. “As an instrumental group, it is often a struggle to get playlisted on the radio and we, therefore, decided to collaborate with Len on this song.”

You can watch the ‘Kiss’ cover below. And happy Valentine’s Day everyone, don’t forget to share the love!

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