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The ‘Life with iemie’ comedian created a funny video showing the world how bad the theft in the Cape Flats is, only it’s not what you think! Day Zero is causing a few problems…


Once again, South Africans are taking tough situations and making them better with a good laugh and a humorous outlook. The ‘Life with iemie’ comedian created a video all about theft and day zero.

Now reading that you must be thinking, “where’s the good news at?”. Well, iemie and his family aim to make people laugh by using real-life issues. The family work together to make their community a lighter and brighter place. Iemie posted his first video eight years ago but became a regular face on YouTube about two years ago.

This time around the family has focused on the crisis in the cape flats, well two issues really. They tackle theft and are gearing up for day zero.

People have been loving the video and it has received over 130,000 views already. The family were also invited to appear on CapeTownTV.

“Lol, good one buddy, got me laughing for days” – Ricardo Mitchell

This is hilarious!!! Good one guys” – Danielle Spinshoep 

OMG…love it!! Well done guys!!” – Dayne Claire Greene 

We loved the video too and thought you guys would get a real chuckle out of it. Watch it below and let us know in the comments section what you thought.

Crisis on the Cape Flats

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Posted by Life with iemie on Sunday, 14 January 2018

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