father cat

A father cat sat and supported the mother cat while she gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Afterwards he helps to care for her and the babies.


Every dad that is present at the birth of their child would probably tell you that the emotions felt are one heck of a roller coaster ride. From stress to sheer joy and pride, the emotions are real! Now imagine if you were a cat and about to become a father?

Thuy Duong Panda from Vietnam, a user of the forum site Imgur.com posted a series of photo’s he captured of his kitty giving birth, the best of those where the ones of the father cat sitting and watching the process. The emotions captured in the images are so true to what a human dad would feel, it’s the most touching thing you will see on the internet today.

“He looks stressed, then caring , then attentive, then content.. just like hooman fathers going through the same experience.” 

The first image shared was of a stressed looking father cat, sitting there a little unsure about how to help.

father cat

While his kitty wife was in the process of giving birth he went over to give her a little support. He was captured cleaning her coat and just being present.

father cat

After all 4 kittens had joined the world he curled up with his little family and hugs his kitty wife close, obviously he is telling her he loves her and is so proud of his family!

father cat

And in the very end, he gives the mom cat a well deserved break and takes over the parenting duties by cuddling up to his precious babies.

father cat

This dad is a role model to all dad’s and dad’s-to’be everywhere! Whether they are human or mammals!

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Sources: Bored Panda (Imgur)

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