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Would you willingly smash a raw egg over your head? Anyone who has ever dropped an egg and cleaned up would say no but this couple decided to smash eggs to reveal the gender of their expected baby.


Gender Reveals are all the rage and many people come up with some pretty creative ways to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. There is the usual cake or cupcake with the secret gender colour inside, popping a black balloon filled with colourful confetti and now you can smash eggs on your forehead.

The couple in the video had a carton of 12 eggs dipped in pink or blue dye. The eggs were also hard boiled and only one was raw. The raw egg was the gender reveal egg and once smashed, the couple would know if their little beb was a boy or a girl.

They were inspired by a segment on the Jimmy Fallon show that saw actors like Ryan Renolds and Anna Kendrick smash eggs over their heads while being interviewed.

The video is so sweet because you can see the couple is over-the-moon excited about finding out and as they make their way through the entire carton of eggs the suspense really starts getting to them.

Every time they selected an egg, they held up the colour and then hesitated for just a moment before cracking it open on their head. Watch the sweet video below and let us know what is the coolest Gender Reveal video you have ever seen?

Egg Roulette Gender Reveal

"Gender Reveal brought to you by our version of Jimmy Fallon's Egg Roulette!"Support their little family by subscribing to their YouTube channel here ->

Posted by VTRND on Wednesday, 10 January 2018

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