A crazy moment has been caught on camera at the Kruger National Park, of a Giraffe knocking himself out while ‘necking’ with another Giraffe.


Darren Thomas and his wife were on holiday in the Kruger National Park when they saw the two Giraffes ‘necking’ and immediately started filming.

“I saw them fighting and said to Lauren you have to film this… Next minute…. K.O!”

Male giraffes use their necks as weapons in combat, a behaviour known as “necking”. Necking is used to establish dominance and males that win necking bouts have greater reproductive success.

The contestants will try to dodge each other’s blows and then get ready to counter. The power of a blow depends on the weight of the skull and the arc of the swing.

Most fights don’t lead to serious injury and can last more than half an hour, depending on how well matched the combatants are… this one was less than 10 seconds and left the dominant Giraffe completely confused.

Lauren Thomas was in complete shock too as she thought the Giraffe may have seriously hurt himself… until he stood up and walked away like nothing happened.

“This was the most hectic thing ever! He stared at the other one (passed out Giraffe) for 10 minutes wondering what he had done. I was devastated until the other one stood up and walked away.”

And social media users were left just as surprised by the crazy moment.

Michelle Wilford Thomas posted: “Wow incredible footage!!!! Never seen anything like this before! Well done! The guy that won the challenge looked a bit shocked himself”

Chanel Katz added: “Oh my soul that is mental hahaha only you gets get to see cool stuff like that!! No fair!!”

Justin Jeffery commented: “Holy smoke. Never seen that before.”

Check out the video below:

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