Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift wrote a song for the Fifty Shades Darker movie. Alexander Chung created beautiful heartbreaking choreography to match the lyrics.


While the song ‘I don’t want to live forever’ by Zayn and Taylor has become part of every radio stations daily playlist, it has also become a bit of background noise. We all hear it and sing along but if you actually listen to the lyrics behind the catchy tune you will hear how heartbreaking they actually are.

The choreographer Alexander Chung got a team of dancers together and created choreography to match the lyrics. Only once you see the beautiful dance moves and the pain that the dancers try and convey, do you realise the song is actually a sad one.

Alexander Chung was raised in Edmonton, Canada by a family that fostered a deep love of dance and creative expression. He has choreographed and danced for esteemed performers.

In recent years, Alexander has travelled the world working as a choreographer, dance instructor and competition judge at prestigious conventions and workshops.

Having recently relocated to Los Angeles, Alexander is now a featured instructor at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, from where he will continue to raise the bar for hip-hop performers and performances.

The dancers featured in this video are all part of the Millennium Dance Complex. It hosts a variety of talented and exceptionally passionate dancers.

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Sources: YouTube /  Millennium Dance Complex

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