South Africans have been watching the American presidential race from the side-lines so it’s no surprise that an awesome video featuring the most recent debate in Afrikaans accents is making the rounds.


And just too good not to share!

Hillary Clinton dominated the final series of debate exchanges with Donald Trump about national security and gender, telling voters they could not trust her opponent with nuclear weapons and warning that he does not respect women… a lot of serious conversation.

But in South Africa, a video has been released adding a bit of humour to the debate by giving both politicians incredibly Afrikaans accents…

“When Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire reality TV host we all know and love, announced his candidacy for US President, nobody thought he would get far. We have always wondered, however, if he would have survived the first week if he had been a South African.”

The group who have made the video call themselves “Afrikaans4Dummies” and explain themselves as proudly South Africans that celebrate the understated hilarity of the Afrikaans language, which few people know contains an entire dictionary of laugh-out-loud hilarity.

“Afrikaans4Dummies just want to just have a laugh, even with serious issues… cause thats what South Africans do best.”

Be warned… there are subtle moments that are NSFW. Check out the video here:

And the team have made a second hilarious video for the inauguration too. America’s elections are the most watched in the world – and the inaugurations are no different. We wonder if ratings would be as high, however, if Donald Trump was South African.

Check out the hilarious video below:

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