South African ushers in the winter with some snow
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Iwisa Maize Meal hilariously claims responsibility for rare snowfall in Joburg, leaving Joburgers amused while sharing their snowy experiences on social media.


Johannesburg, South Africa (10 July 2023) – In a bizarre turn of events, Iwisa Maize Meal, the beloved staple of many South African households, has taken credit for the recent snowfall in Johannesburg.

Yes, you read that right. Iwisa, the maize meal brand, has claimed responsibility for the “amazing outdoor activation in Gauteng.” And Joburgers are finding the announcement absolutely hilarious.

Now, let’s get one thing straight – snow falling in Gauteng, even tiny flakes of it, is an incredibly rare occurrence. The last time Joburgers witnessed this white wonderland was back in August 2012. Before that, you have to go as far back as June 2007, September 1981, June 1964, August 1962, and even May 1956. So, you can imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces when they woke up to a winter wonderland today.

As news of the unexpected snowfall spread like wildfire, Joburgers took to social media to share their excitement. Photos and videos flooded the feeds, capturing the magical moments of snowflakes gently blanketing the city.

But amidst all the joy and wonder, Iwisa Maize Meal decided to add a humorous twist to the story.

In a tongue-in-cheek announcement, Iwisa claimed responsibility for this meteorological phenomenon, declaring themselves the masterminds behind the snowfall. Their marketing team couldn’t resist the opportunity for a little fun, stating that they had planned this “outdoor activation” to celebrate the wonders of their maize meal. Of course, the claim is nothing more than a comical coincidence. It’s hard to believe that Iwisa had anything to do with the whims of nature, orchestrating snowfall in the middle of winter. Or did they?

You can watch the hilarious spoof video featuring Donovan Goliath here or below. Retroviral, Iwisa’s agency partnered with Goliath to create the video.

@donovangoliath❄️❄️❄️♬ original sound – donovan Goliath

In a city that rarely experiences snow, every flake that touches the ground becomes a precious memory. Joburgers, usually accustomed to mild winters, are embracing this unexpected gift from the skies. They are frolicking, building tiny snowmen (some only a centimetre tall), and engaging in friendly snowball fights (well, kinda anyway).

So, while Iwisa Maize Meal may have humorously claimed responsibility for this magical snowfall, let’s remember that nature’s whimsy is often beyond our control. Joburgers, keep sharing those photos and videos and let’s continue to revel in the wonder of this extraordinary day. After all, who knows when we’ll be treated to another snowfall in the City of Gold? Until then, stay warm, keep smiling, and enjoy the memories of this unforgettable winter surprise!

Disclaimer: The claims made by Iwisa Maize Meal are intended for humour and should not be taken seriously. Mother Nature remains the ultimate source of Joburg’s snowfall.

Sources: Retroviral 
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