New KFC post sets social media alight. Could this be the weirdest ad ever?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, the much loved fast food brand, have kicked off 2017 with an advert that has set social media on fire.


At first we didn’t think it was real but after discovering that it really did belong to KFC, we had to ask why.

We’re not entirely sure what inspired the social media advert but it definitely seems to be getting through the advertising clutter… the post has already had over 12 000 shares in less than 24 hours and may be crowned as the weirdest advert, ever!

The picture features a woman making out with a gigantic piece of KFC chicken with the caption: “Start off your year with what’s truly important: being close with loved foods.”

And the post, which has now gone viral, has had many mixed reactions from users with the majority thinking its super funny.

Jonathan Barthuly commented: “Everybody, calm down. This is weird but funny. I’m ok with this. Now I know if I want to be kissed I need to be fat greasy and golden.”

Jevin Caras added: “Is that The Thing from Fantastic Four?”

Carol Lynn Foster posted: “I want to eat my chicken not take it to!!”

Justin Layne Well added: “As much as I love this picture, I’ve seen Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. And when the food got this big, the result was not good.”

Milinda Boyer said: “Just when I thought your ads couldn’t get any weirder….”

Patricia Morgan added: “This is disturbing”

We’re sitting on the chicken-fence on this one, not sure how we feel about it. But you can decide for yourself by checking out the full advert below:


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