The video of the parade in honour of firefighters is brilliant because firstly it’s raining! Secondly the joy of the singing firefighters is infectious!


It’s raining, it’s pouring but that hasn’t stopped crowds of people from attending the parade in honour of all the men and women that helped snuff out the flames that claimed most of Knysna!

SA People posted a video on their YouTube channel of the celebrations in action and it’s enough to give you full body chills and goosebumps!

The website spoke to Knysna local Ester Beukes and she said it was the first time she felt like everything was finally over! According to her the team of Johannesburg firefighters had to head back as it’s nearly their dry season but the rest of the men and women remained to be thanked and celebrated.

“The hooting is our way of saying thank you! A free flow of traffic allowed cars to pay tribute!

“Today it really hit me that it’s finally over, during the march past and the soft rain…

“This morning, when I woke it was the first time I could now sing: ‘I can see clearly now the ‘smoke’ has gone.’ For the first time since 8 June the valley is not covered in smoke.” – Ester Beukes

The teams of firefighters have been staying in the tents designated for the annual P&P Oyster Festival. The tents were put up early to help with the disaster management. Now that the fire is over the tents will be moved to host the Oyster Festival.

Citizens of Knysna went around and tied ribbons on the posts in thanks to all who supported them. In the parade, they followed behind the firefighters, singing and chanting their praises! Watch the amazing video below,

Sources: SA People 
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