Kookie Kuhle's Hilarious Plea: Make Mondays a Public Holiday for Rugby World Cup 2023!
Photo Cred: Kookie Kuhle | TikTok

Kookie Kuhle’s uproarious video plea to make Mondays a public holiday during the Rugby World Cup 2023 goes viral, highlighting the nation’s unproductive post-game blues with a side of hilarious satire.


Johannesburg, South Africa (18 September 2023) – In the world of South African humour, few names have risen as rapidly and entertainingly as Kookie Kuhle, the 29-year-old content creator whose side-splitting videos have taken social media by storm.

Known for his unique take on post-match interviews that cover topics ranging from load shedding to the mundane chore of washing dishes, Kookie Kuhle has become a household name in recent years. However, his latest video, a tongue-in-cheek plea to the President, has South Africa in stitches, and it’s not just because of its comedic brilliance.

Kookie Kuhle, who goes by his social media moniker, has been making videos for four years, but it was in 2022 that his content truly started to catch fire. His format is refreshingly straightforward – it’s all about presenting a sports-style “post-match” interview on everyday life situations. From the moment you hit play on one of his videos, you’re transported into a world where everyday scenarios are dissected with the gravitas of a World Cup final. And it’s comedy gold.

In his latest video, Kookie takes on a subject close to the hearts of many South Africans – the Rugby World Cup 2023. With a dash of satire and a heap of humour, he sends out a plea to the President, and it’s all about Mondays.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s because the Springboks, South Africa’s beloved rugby team, often play their matches on Sundays during the tournament.

As Kookie Kuhle humorously points out, this scheduling quirk has turned Mondays into the nation’s most unproductive days. His video brilliantly encapsulates the sentiment of a nation trying to recover from an adrenaline-pumped weekend of rugby euphoria, only to face the harsh reality of a Monday morning. And let’s be honest, who can concentrate on work when you’re still reliving that last-minute try or the nail-biting final minutes of the game?

@kookie_kuhle Kooks Corner: My plea to the president. #RugbyWorldCup #Springboks #Bokke #mzansicomedy #fyp ♬ original sound – Kuhle Sonkosi

The video, which can be found on his TikTok page, has gone viral for all the right reasons. Kookie’s charismatic delivery and spot-on parody of a sports pundit dissecting the woes of Mondays have struck a chord with South Africans from all walks of life.

It’s a reminder that laughter is the best remedy, even for the Monday blues.

But what’s truly remarkable about this viral sensation is the flood of witty comments from fellow South Africans. Many have taken the opportunity to hilariously remind the President that perhaps the nation’s productivity issues are directly linked to the need for more stable electricity, so everyone can watch the rugby matches without interruptions.

Kookie Kuhle’s video has become a rallying cry for a nation that loves its rugby and its humour in equal measure.

So, as the Rugby World Cup 2023 unfolds, and the Springboks prepare for their next thrilling match, Kookie Kuhle’s comedic genius continues to unite South Africans, one laugh at a time. Whether or not Mondays become a public holiday during the tournament remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – Kookie Kuhle has already scored a try in the hearts of a nation hungry for a good laugh.

Sources: Kookie Kuhle | TikTok 
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