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The Wild Table of Love in Paternoster Square is being celebrated for allowing the public to brunch with all the beloved wild animals of the world.


London, United Kingdom (22 June 2022) – A new bronze sculpture has been installed at Paternoster Square in London that allows visitors to sit with some incredible animals, including an elephant, hippo, lion, giraffe and zebra, to name a few.

The sculpture is called “The Wild Table of Love”, and will be in the square from the 8th of June 2022 to the 15th of May 2023. The sculpture invites members of the public to join the table and spend time with some beautiful wild animals.

The table was made by Gellie and Marc out of bronze and weighs 2630kgs. They created this sculpture to start a conversation about the 6th mass extinction currently happening in the world.

“One of the most intimate experiences we share as humans is also the simplest, sitting down together and sharing a meal. It’s a time where we can nourish, support, and enjoy time with each other, a time that is cherished by many families all around the world.

But not everyone gets to share this same level of love and support. The world is currently experiencing the 6th mass extinction. More and more beautiful creatures are being pushed towards the threat of extinction and the reasons can always be linked back to us, humans. We have moulded the earth to suit our needs, indifferent to the effects on the other living creatures who share our planet.

This public sculpture experience is an invitation to join the best banquet in the world. Expertly crafted in bronze, the table is set and the animals are already tucking in, all that is left is for the public to take their seats.”

The animal guests at the table are made up of 10 endangered species. What is sobering to see is that the bulk of them are our beloved African animals!

“The ten endangered animals include; a hippo, Masai giraffe, African elephant, Bengal tiger, koala, chimpanzee, Grevy’s zebra, Northern white rhino, lion, and mountain gorilla. They have each been invited to the table as representatives of some of the best-known species in the world. And yet they all are dangerously close to the same threat, extinction.”

Gellie and Marc share a deeper look into the stats of each animal which you can find on their website here. They introduce Rabbitwoman and Dogman to the audience, who are the hosts of this banquet.

“Rabbitwoman and Dogman, the internationally beloved hybrid characters who have travelled the world spreading messages of love, acceptance, and adventure, play host to the party. They sit at a huge banquet table, six metres long, adorned with some of the most delectable foods imaginable. Their guests; ten of the world’s most endangered animals. Rabbitwoman and Dogman have opened their table to the animals as a symbol of love and support, welcoming them into their family and promising to protect them in every way they can.”

So, if you find yourself in London, pop on over to brunch with your favourite wildlife.

Sources: Paternoster SquareGellie and Marc
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