Peeking Penny

Jennifer Bowman lives next door to Penny the lonely jumping dog. After a while she decided to cut out 3 holes so that Penny (Peeking Penny) could see better!


Jennifer Bowman is based in California and has lived next door to Penny for a while. Over the years every time she would take her own dog, Olive outside, Penny would jump up behind the fence to get a glimpse into the garden and to say hi to the neighbours.

“My neighbors German Shepherd is super curious about the goings on in our yard. She jumps to peek over the fence all day long. I made her a peeking spot and I think she really likes it. Now we see her little nose and brown eyes peeping at us while we play. Shes actually a very shy dog so I think she appreciates that she can peep without to much exposure. I cannot stop laughing over how flippn cute she is! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!”

Jennifer Bowman took a power drill and created three holes in her fence, two for Penny’s eyes and one large one for her nose. With her simple yet brilliant act of kindness, Jennifer made shy Penny’s wildest dream come true!

Now not only does sweet Penny have a full view of the Jennifers garden, she also sees Jennifers dog Olive whenever she pleases and can enjoy all of the smells. This just goes to show how easy it is to make a dog happy! Sometimes all it takes is just three drilled holes.

Watch the cute video of Penny jumping and peeking below!

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