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One man’s misfortune is another’s entertainment… Luyatsha Flames found himself in an awkward situation with his crush that has since gone viral.


Port Elizabeth, South Africa – A South African man has gone viral for telling a white lie when bumping into his crush at the Woolworths in his area. The little lie came back to bite him, and entertained us all in the process.

Luyatsha Flames was walking through the Walmer Park Woolworths to get to his car when he bumped into his Facebook crush. They started chatting, and she asked him what he was doing in the store. He responded that he was just picking up a few things, although that wasn’t actually his plan.

When she offered to walk with him while he shopped, he realised he had to buy a few things and ended up spending more than he bargained for. Luyatsha took to Facebook after the awkward ordeal to try to sell the items he had bought in the hopes to make his money back.

“Guys I’m selling 2 Woolies butternut soups, big cheese, 2 hot cross buns, mini what-what pitas and chicken. Why?

I was walking through Woolies on my way to my car at the parking lot & bumped into my Facebook crush and she asked me what am I here to buy “eWoolies”. I just couldn’t say NOTHING, so I said “just a few things” and she said she would walk with me as she was waiting for her niece. R473 gone just like that”

The reason South Africans are finding the story so funny is that many can relate. Only not everyone got caught up in their little white lie quite as Luyatsha did.

Thankfully, Facebook users pointed out to Luyatsha that he didn’t need to sell the items on. He could just return them for a refund.

“Did that a loooong time ago… while I was a student. Walked back to pick N pay the next day returned everything” – Wandi MaNala

“It’s good she didn’t meet u at a Mercedes dealership” – Mazotsho Duze

“You should have said I’m here for water.” – Naledi Priscilla Msiza

“Could’ve just bought Woolies water and transform to a Super Hero” – Lungelo Msomi

Others couldn’t believe he passed up the opportunity to engage with her for longer and get to know her better.

“Next time… Buy small 2 bottles of flavoured sparkling water and a punnet of Strawberries or Grapes. After you pay, you offer her a bottle of water and share the Strawberries while you wait for her people (and get to know her better)” – Patty Oliphant

“Could have taken her for coffee and would have spent R150 or R100 and gained more points” – Errar Athi

Have you ever caught yourself in an awkward moment like this for a crush? Let us know in the comment section.

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