Watch: Top 5 ‘Only In South Africa’ moments caught on camera

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There are many types of ‘Only in South Africa’ videos and photos on this internet which leave us in stitches or gasping in horror, we have compiled the best 5 animal moments caught on camera.


Animals never fail to make us humans laugh out loud. When they behave in ways that surprise us, people instantly want to see and so the internet is filled with funny videos of animals doing weird and wonderful things.

We decided to focus on animals in South Africa that have surprised us over the years and have chosen our 5 favourite moments. Starting at number 5 and working down to the video at number one that made us laugh so hard we nearly fell off our chairs.

Let us know if we missed any good ones in the comments below.

5. Lion Friendly Toilets

Only in South Africa will you find yourself waiting in line behind a pride of Lions to use the toilet. You won’t catch us urging them to hurry up!

This video was shared in January 2017 and we can bet this wasn’t the first time it has happened!

4. Lion Offers Tourists a Tows.

An open safari vehicle accidentally had its tow cable come loose while viewing a pride of lions. As the vehicle drove off a lion spotted the tow rope and decided to play tug-of-war with it.

It seems no matter how big the cat, they will still want to attack the string.

3. Exclusive Hippo Bowls club in KZN.

The St. Lucia Bowls Club shared a video of a Hippo leisurely strolling along their green on Valentines Day 2017. The Hippo was an unexpected date who seemed to be looking for a little love.

St. Lucia is based near an Estuary that is home to over 800 Hippos so they often make their way into town. These animals are cute but incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

This was sent to me from St Lucia Bowling Club Twilight Bowls a few minutes ago Another day in Africa.

Posted by Umhlanga Bowling Club on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

2. Surfing Cape Cobra

Juliette Thirsk was on the beach in Paternoster, Western Cape when she spotted something near the water. On closer inspection, she realised it was a massive snake gearing up to take a dip in the chilly Atlantic. The video was shared in November 2017, and while it’s cool to watch, we are backing away slowly.

All we can say is ‘Cowabunga Dude’!

Posted by Juliette Thirsk on Friday, 10 November 2017

1. South African Style Street Racing

We saved the best for last… Oleksiy Mishchenko, who lives in Zurich and works for Google had a surprising encounter when a male ostrich decided to race his friends. Oleksiy was cycling through Cape of Good Hope at the time preparing for the Cape Argus Cycle Race. He caught the entire thing on camera and nearly fell off his bike he was laughing so hard!

Since posting the video in March 2016, it has had over 6 million views.

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