Would you like to take a mystery trip?

That’s exactly what the new company “Pack Up + Go” specializes in. Travelors don’t know where they’re heading until they arrive at the airport.


Here’s how it works:

First customers enter a budget. Then they have their choice of doing a road trip or booking a vacation that includes airfare. Then you fill out a quick survey and check off a list of things you like: craft beer, live music, comedy clubs, outdoor activities, and so on.

Pack Up + Go selects a destination, books all of your travel, and builds out a list of recommendations that you can use on a Google Maps app. The company also suggests day-by-day itineraries. Everything is taken care of for you.


Travellers then get a packet of information in the mail, telling them what time to go to the airport and a little information to help with packing. A sealed envelope reveals the destination which they suggest you do not open until you arrive at the airport (though some sneak a peek early).

Pack Up Go 02

The company likes to avoid the obvious destinations like New York City and Las Vegas.

“We do send some customers to bigger cities like Chicago or Miami, but my favorite trips are to mid-size or small cities: Portland, Maine, or Burlington, Vermont,” Pack Up + Go founder Lillian Rafson, 23, explains.

“Every city has a lot to offer. We’re giving cities that people aren’t necessarily seeking out organically a chance to shine.”


So far, Pack Up + Go has been generating a lot of buzz! Shark Tank reached out to Rafson, and a TV production company wants to create a show around the idea. But for now, she’s keeping it small and hands-on so that she can focus on helping travelers have amazing vacations.

Check out their awesome website here.

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