A passion project, the ‘ROBIN – Watch for Wishes’ movie has inspired us to not only live life to the fullest but that by simply watching a movie, we too can make a difference in South Africa.


The movie ROBIN, has taken over 4 years to make. The movie was a massive passion piece for Toby Schmutzler and his brother Kevin Schmutzler. The brothers worked hard to create something with meaning and so they decided to launch their movie online, with every view going to charity.

The cast and crew gave up receiving any remuneration from the film so that the maximum amount of money could benefit the children. They were lucky to have many things sponsored towards the movie including locations, camera equipment and accommodation. These elements helped save money on the making of the movie.

This is what ROBIN is about and we cannot wait to watch it:

A man of words is forced to become a man of action as John discovers the secret bucket list of his terminally ill son Robin. The two abscond from the hospital to experience a father-son adventure in South Africa and fulfil the boy‘s greatest wishes – as the police pursue John for kidnapping.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

The brothers decided to film in South Africa because it was a place that Toby fell in love with when here on holiday years ago.

The concept of watching a movie to donate to charity is really cool, the movie views will equal to cash donations

For every click the movie gets online, our campaign-partners – we call them ‘Believers‘ – donate ten cents to a charity organization. The audience doesn’t pay to watch the movie, but celebrities and corporate partners donate to a charity because someone else watches ROBIN.

Ten cents may sound like a mere pittance, however, the math is simple: one million clicks equals up to €100,000! So if we can get this film to go viral, say on the level of one of those popular cat videos, we can already make a huge impact – and a lot of children happy.”

The team filmed all the behind the scenes of the entire process of the film. They start with script writing and worked all the way until wrap day. They faced being turned away from locations and broken down cars but never gave up on their dream to create a beautiful movie.

The feature film is being released online on the 21st of April 2018. You can view it on the website or on YouTube.

Watch their adventures and behind the scenes below:

4 years in 7 minutes: How to make a Hollywood movie without money

4 years of passionate work leading up to the RELEASE of ROBIN this April. This is the story of how our project became more than a movie to support children in need 🦁To support our mission, please share this video.#watchforwishes #robin #movie #comingsoon #viral #charity #frewlife #ourstoryThanks to everyone who is part of this journeyAiden Flowers Jeff Burrell Clayton Maxwell Nemrow Leni Speidel Luisa Wietzorek Hans Holzbecher Tshamano Sebe Paul Cless Benedikt Sebastian Grzegorz Stosz Toby Schmutzler Kevin Schmutzler Jonas Treeman Lukes Collin Klaus Kneist Anton Knoblach Otto Spiewok Manuel Musch Nina Eberle Einfach Der Jan Sebastian Hermann Sebastian Schug Christian Hofmann Mariano DropaBoardi Alejandra Janus Lotte Fleck Jonathan Jotter Martin Rieger Martin Hagler Sascha Wolfenstädter Michi Croce Manuel Schmutzler Omari Omy Massio Debaba David Kasperowski Isabel Nothelfer Caroline Muhl Lydia Urensah Nina Rühr

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