Sam has just become a viral meme after being selected as employee of the week!
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Sam isn’t just a competent, friendly cashier; she’d birthed babies for people, rescued customers from wells, saved them in wars and even time travelled… well according to social media users anyway.


Global (11 November 2020) – Sam – a cashier at Walmart – was chosen as employee of the week and has since gone viral around the globe for everything she’s never done.

It began innocently enough. A Walmart in Illinois announced an employee named Sam as its cashier of the week. Way to go, Sam!

“We would like to congratulate Sam as being chosen as our cashier of the week. She has gotten customer compliments recently for her friendly and speedy service!! Way to go Sam!!”

But then the comments started rolling in… and they are gold!

Sam isn’t just a competent, friendly cashier; she’d birthed babies for people, rescued customers from wells, saved them in wars and even time travelled. Her commitment to excellent service isn’t just unparalleled; it seems to defy space and time… well according to social media users anyway.

The congratulatory message was actually posted in 2019 but has recently started going viral with social media users from around the world, crafting ridiculous stories as to how Sam “saved them” and should be awarded for her efforts.

Check some of the best ones out below:

“Several years ago, I brought my daughter into Wallmart to pick out a Barbie doll as a reward for her excellent report card. After noticing that the Malibu Ke$ha Barbie was sold out, my daughter went straight into a tailspin. She deviantly selected a set of kitchen knives instead. Sam noticed my distress while at the register, and the apparent menacing excitement on my child’s face. Sam flipped open her phone and texted Dr Phil directly! Within moments he was there with an on-call diagnosis of “child psychopath”. Sam and the doctor arranged hospitalization and rehabilitation for my daughter that would last no longer than 14 years. Dr Phil expressed that without Sam’s help I would have been the ninth parental fatality to a child psychopath in Ulster county in the last month! Thank you for saving my life, Sam!” – Shayne Hardy

“I actually died at birth but Sam went back in time and saved me. Thanks to Sam I’m here posting this and my dear mother was spared years of therapy. Sam thank you for altering the very fabric of existence and giving me a life to live, congratulations!” – Austin Branchaud

“Sam heard me screaming at and whooping my kids in the toy aisle. She could tell I was stressed out and needed a break. She offered to take my kids and raise them as her own. Thank you, Sam, for letting me live my best life!” – Erica DeLeon

“Walmart was out of my favourite coffee, I told Sam and she looked kind of sad. She then said “brb” and apparently flew to Columbia, fought off the cartel, found my coffee beans, roasted them herself, and then hand-delivered them to my house in the same day! Congrats Sam, you deserve it!” – Nelson Adrienne

“Way to go Sam! I had a flat in front of Walmart sam took her tire of her car & put it on mine and said she’ll just walk home after work! Cashier on the month for the next 3 years!!!” – Darron Monte Temple

“I was having heart problems at the register. Sam literally ripped her own heart out and performed surgery to replace mine with hers In less than 3 minutes! So friendly and so speedy!!! She should be cashier of the month. – Jackie Time

“Congratulations Sam! You really go out of your way to help! Sam helped me deliver my baby while I was shopping for milk and toothpaste! I didn’t even know I could be or was pregnant. Luckily, she knew exactly what to do, and I’m sitting here crying with joy, holding my baby, being a proud father!” – Benjamin Joshua

“Congrats Sam!!!!! No one deserves this honour being bestowed upon you by the Walmart gods more than you! I’ll never forget the time I was shopping and forgot a bag of groceries, by the time I arrived at the car you were parachuting down from a nearby plane just to make sure I had all my items!
Your the best.” – Kyle Jacob Hamm

“Congratulations Sam! I remember one time I broke a good set of teeth and when I found my spare set, I realized I ran out of polident. Well, I went to Walmart and Sam could tell something was wrong. I told her what happened and without hesitation, she gave me her teeth. She is truly a blessing.” – Valencia Vee Anderson

“It was still dark, the enemy had us pinned down with no sign of letting up. I remember reaching for ammunition, there was none left. Just as I was about to accept my fate of never seeing Jane and the kids again, I heard a wild howl, akin to that of a savage wolf. Taking a risk and sticking my head out of cover, there was Sam. With nothing but a mop handle and three paper bags, she was mowing down insurgents. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It must have only taken 10 minutes, but it felt like a life time. The shots had come to a halt and Sam was standing there like a Titan, bodies all around her. “Not on my shift,” she said, as she cracked the green flair for our chopper home. Sam is a hero, and the boys and I? We owe her our lives.” – Daniel Shambo

“Way to go, Sam! I’ll never forget the time when I was at Walmart to buy a birthday card for my mother only to realize her birthday was the day before and I was never going to hear the end of it for forgetting my mother on her birthday! Sam ran eastwards so fast that the Earth spun the opposite direction, turning back time and allowing me to buy the birthday card and get it to my Mom with plenty of time to spare! Sam even upsold me some cupcakes. I went in at 5:30 pm and left by 11:30 am the previous day! Great service!” – Kar Olina 

You can follow the full thread by clicking here.

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