If Donald Trump were to become president of the United States of America, Samuel L. Jackson would move to South Africa.


On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel was promoting Quentin Tarantino’s movie The Hate Eight by playing with a magic eight ball that featured the film’s Samuel L. Jackson.

Kimmel asked the magic eight ball several questions including if his comic foil on the show Guillermo Rodriguez “will be friends forever” and if he will “ever win the lottery.”

It was Kimmel’s last question about Donald Trump that earned the largest laughs.

“Will Donald Trump be our next president?” the late night show host asked.

“If that motherf—ker becomes president I’ll move my black ass to South Africa,” Jackson responded in the magic eight ball.

Brand SA says the country’s rich cultural diversity is an even better reason for Samuel L. Jackson to move to South Africa from the United States.

“It seems to me as if it’s a response to a very hard attitude that’s coming through in terms of dealing with immigrants, even statements made about Muslims being barred from entering the US. I think it’s good that we are seen as a country where you can still be who you want to be regardless of your religion or race or anything like that.”

Brand expert Thebe Ikalafeng adds, “Everybody thinks Trump is a joke and if one of their first citizens says the day he becomes president he will quit America, that speaks the desirability of South Africa despite its challenges.”

Watch the video below:


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Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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  1. Putin is offering free land in Russia you should take him up on it. You an actor like Obama likes to say ” you didn’t make that”. In your case it won’t be hard to replace.

    1. Very bad decision. Shall we change places? Malema waiting for you if you are white. Our land is burning.

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