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A new beautiful short film about a man’s life in the Overberg has been released, directed by Cape Town-born director Jacques Naude, making his directorial debut.


Jacques Naude debuted his first directed piece on Nowness, the short showing the beauty of one man’s point of view about his home.

Set in the rolling hills and canola fields of the Overberg, the man questions all he has seen in his life.

“There is no clutter, only hearth, and there is an old, softly spoken man who knows. There is mastery at work. As he fixes his gaze with that of a young boy’s across the harvest field, time slows: wisdom and youth bound in ambiguity across the intangible.”

“The unease of their linear separation is softened only by his poetry and presence. As he looks and dreams back and forth across the threshold of what was and what is to come, he knows.”

“He knows he is one and the same; both now and then, at once oscillating in some infinite loop. And he longs for return.” – Jacques Naude

The short story is moving and warming, completely simplistic but accurate to small town living in parts of rural Cape Town where time seems to have stood still, a time where children can run free and and climb tree’s, where old men can walk quietly and contemplate all they have seen in this life.

The subject of this short speaks on his life in such a poetic and beautiful way, translated from Afrikaans he says,

“How often have I awoken here? How often have my eye’s wandered across these mountains? What I remember of it… I will always remember, even in the dark dens of the night, that we were as sugar-sweet as the mountain wind”

He continues his dialog speaking of the end of his life and bidding farewell to his beloved Overberg, its beautiful! Give the video a watch to see the ending for yourself.

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Sources: Nowness / YouTube 

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  1. Thank you for this most beautiful capture of The Overberg and the special people who live here. It has been my home for many decades and the familiar and well- known scenes are a delight. Your heart is here too.

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