A tourist was at the Indigo skate park in a Zulu village in the Valley of 1000 Hills, he let the kids there wear his GoPro, their laughter is the best!


Skateboard Bruh is a Youtuber popular for his skateboarding tutorial video’s. He is currently in South Africa on a skating adventure. He had seen a documentary by National Geographic about the Indigo Skate Camp in Isithumba, KwaZulu-Natal. He called up the founder Dallas Oberholzer and set off to see what the skate camp was all about.

While at the skate park he met a bunch of the local children, he let them wear his GoPro so they could show their tricks too. The video is filled with genuine laughter and fun!

The Indigo Skate Camp has changed the lives of the rural kids in Isithumba, before they were at danger when playing in the streets, now they can safely play at the skate park.

In an attempt to include rural and vulnerable youths, professional skateboarder Dallas Oberholzer set out to nurture sustainable skateboarding environments in the most unlikely places.

Indigo Skate Camp was the founding pilot project in a Zulu village in the Valley of 1 000 Hills. This rural facility grew from 2001 with contributions from more fortunate urban participants who attended youth camps at the facility. Today Indigo Skate Camp hosts a tourism ambassador programme employing 35 youths in the surrounding village.

As the participation in skateboarding grew, we developed training manuals incorporating life skills. Standout skateboarders from Indigo Skate Camp then become instructors who went on to take our programmes to neighbouring villages and then provinces.

At the end of June, Dallas is opening a computer centre as well that will benefit the community in an even bigger way.

Sources: YouTube / Indigo Skate Camp
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