Everyone knows that Ostriches can’t fly but apparently some people on the internet believe they can ski… in almost perfect synchronicity.


You may have seen the video floating around social media of a flock of Ostriches skiing down a snowy hill in almost perfect synchronicity.

Spoiler alert: It’s not real.

Japan Railway along with Japan Air Lines and All Nippon Airlines were running the wildly popular ad campaign featuring the skiing Ostriches in 2004. Somehow the video has resurfaced without any context.

Watch the video below:

The video was designed to boost tourist traffic to ski resorts, but has recently caused a massive stir on social media with users upset about the ‘animal abuse’.

And the rest of us can’t stop laughing.

The video has been viewed millions of times and hundreds and thousand of comments have left us in stitches. Here’s some of the best ones we have found:

Cairistiona K Smith posted: “This is animal abuse! They do not do this in their natural habitat! Stop forcing animals to be something they’re not just for your entertainment”

Morris Sennett said: “It looks real but its not right?”

Terri Thompson added: “This is so cool! Looks like the ostrich is doing it because it wants too. I use to have a landlord that owned one and I know it beat the crap out of him and another guy because if they don’t want to budge or do something somebody else wants them to they don’t take such bullshit sitting down. And they can really beat you and hurt you seriously! But this looks like it comes natural to this ostrich!!!! Way To Go!!!!!”

Marie Maidment commented: “I guess I’m too gullible but it looks so real. How do you photo shop or animate something like this.”

Jessica Firpi stated: “People have so much time on their hands. To actually teach these wild ostriches how to ski, that takes dedication.”

Jay Solo Dolo posted: “I can’t believe they’re taming these poor ostriches like this! Like omg they are obviously such smart creatures! But to be so damn humiliated by a race like our own selves that is so much smarter than choreographed ostriches is sooo EFFFED UP!!!! WHHYYYY!!! WHYYYYY POOR LITTLE EMUS!!!!”

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