iPhone smashed

The internet exploded with hilarious replies and ridiculous advice after a girl tweeted a picture of her brand new, very broken iPhone…


Dianne Garza dropped her brand new iPhone while trying to throw garbage out and accidentally dropped the smart phone in the road… her ‘series of misfortune events’ didn’t end there as a car drove right over it, leaving it mangled and unusable.

The millennial decided to take to Twitter to tell everyone about her accident… obvs. She just wasn’t expecting the massive (and hilarious) reaction from her 850 followers and the rest of the twittersphere.

Someone picked up on the tweet and hilarity ensued. The replies to her original tweet were off the wall funny and down right ridiculous.

One of the first users asked if she had tried restarting it? Another questioned if she had updated it to the new iOS (as that may fix it). Someone even suggested holding the ‘home’ and ‘lock’ button down to reset it while many others offered their advice of putting the device in rice overnight as it would be fine by morning.

Shane asked: “Have you tried turning the brightness up.”

Martin added: “Just wipe the camera and decrease the volume.”

Juice posted: “Luckily you had the screen protector on.”

Thousands of tweets have filled up her timeline with absurd opinions and tips that have kept the rest of the internet entertained since yesterday.

We’ve created a widget below to show the top trending replies to Garza’s dilemma but be warned… you could be here all night reading the funny replies:

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