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Amateur filmmakers have turned 2016 Into a horror movie trailer and it’s pretty scary but brilliant. It ties together all the big news from the year in one perfect trailer.


A company called Friend Dog Studios first released the trailer-like film Wednesday, and it covers every horrible thing that’s happened in the past year, from Harambe’s downfall to Carrie Fisher’s death.

The video starts off innocently enough with a group of friends turning back the clock to the eve of 2016. As they zealously count down to the New Year, menacing background music warns that there’s something ominous brewing in the air.

The clip is filled with one liners that represent the biggest news from 2016… like the exploding phone debacle.

“I’m trying to call for help and my phone exploded,” a terrified woman says. “My phone literally exploded in my hand.”

The 2016 horror recap also paid homage to Harambe, Brexit and the countless celebrity deaths — the result is absolutely priceless.

“We lost Leia. This ends now,” the characters say, as they band together to finish off the year.

Here’s hoping the sequel in 2017 is much more of a feel-good-rom-com.

You can watch the entire thing below:


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