The SPCA released a video on their Facebook page that will definitely have people talking for days to come. It is filled with comic relief (and olive oil!)


The advert starts out all sweet and innocent, a young woman gushes about having found her dog Fluffy through the SPCA. The message in the advert is sweet and exactly what you expect when adopting a dog.

“This is my dog Fluffy, after wanting my own dog for really long I went to the SPCA”

The comedic relief happens a few seconds in. The entire time in the background of the video a barely dressed man lathers himself in olive oil and flexes his muscles (he even goes to town on his derriere)

The young woman in the advert continues to gush about Fluffy, completely unaware of what is happening in the kitchen behind her.

“I explained to the lady my type of dog I want. And she found the perfect match. Fluffy is gentle, playful, she is so much fun and she is always there when I need her whether its to just eat with me, watch TV or go for a jog. And I um, love her to bits!

The best part is all the olive oil sound effects, they had us in fits of giggles. The end of the video the SPCA puts up the following slogan,

“There’s one family member you can choose!”

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