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Suzelle DIY has created an amazing YouTube channel showcasing her DIY skills. Today she announced that she would be quitting YouTube, watch her final goodbye’s


Suzelle DIY has been a part of our lives for a few years now, bringing us amazing video’s like  ‘How to dolly your trolly’ and the life changing ‘How to make a braai pie’. The greatest was watching her and her best friend Marianne do things together.

In her video we get to see her packing up her DIY tools and talking about how its all over. Watch the video for yourself.

Just jokes guys!!!!

Suzelle brilliantly pulled an April Fools on us all.

The rest of the video Suzelle answers questions that fans have sent in, its incredibly funny how she responds and then quickly gets irritated by the questions

Question: “When is Marianne going to say one word?”

Answer: “Come on guys… She’s camera shy!”

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