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Trevor Noah recently discussed his trip to SA on the Late Night show with Seth Meyers. He told a funny story about Chelsea Handler inciting an uprising.


Trevor Noah visited Seth Meyers to discuss his South Africa trip and all the things that happened while he was in SA. Before getting to the topic of the chat, Seth asked Trevor what South Africa’s perception of Trump was.

Trevor believes that SA is taking a bit of pleasure in watching Trump in USA. Then Seth started asking about SA.

Trevor discussed joining Charlize Theron to get a first hand look at working on a foundation project. His goal is to start his own foundation so the experience was great. Chelsea Handler, a controversial talk show host joined in on all the activities.

The talk starts moving from the trip to a story about Chelsea Handler trying to incite an uprising among a group of isiXhosa women.

“It was weird! I have been in Africa before, but I have never been in Africa with Chelsea Handler”

“We were hanging out with a group of women, who live in a village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and these women are telling us their stories and how their overcoming the odds. How they are fighting to become independent and educating themselves and how they are working on everything.”

Trevor then explains that the women share their stories about domestic violence and working with the police. The women explain they are oppressed. While this is happening someone is constantly translating for Chelsea Handler and she hears about the abuse. She is shocked and decides to speak up.

Chelsea stands up and shouts for the ladies to come together and kick the men’s ass’s. The isiXhosa women had a good giggle at Chelsea.

You can watch the full story below.

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