The Twitter Trend that is shocking everyone! “Totally dumbfounded”

Tweeting Twitter Account Trend

We were duped into clicking on a link to a new Twitter Trend that is annoying everyone in the world! The trend leads you all the way back to one tweet…


On the 1st of December 2017, Tyler Riggs decided to starts a Twitter Trend that has left many people annoyed or laughing. The concept is called an ‘OMG’ chain which has one person start the chain with a tweet and people then retweet with a shocking response.

Our very own Brent Lindeque, the Good Things Guy, pranked us with this tweet chain. We were really concerned that he was so shocked by a tweet and so naturally we clicked to see what the appalling thing was.

That led us to another tweet that said: “It’s unbelievable what people are capable of doing to other people!”. This really peaked our interest and so we clicked the next link. After about 5 clickthroughs, we realised something funny was going on but we were committed to it and had to see it through to the end.

And what exactly does all this nonsense lead to? A fricken duck with a banana phone! We just saved you 5 minutes of wasted time. See the original Tweet below.

But what exactly does this teach us? Well, it shows us that humans are naturally inclined to click on things that elude something tragic. This is why clickbait is so popular and why we should be standing up to it.

So if you see the Twitter trend on your feed, you can play along but just know it will end at this duck and you don’t need to click all the way through to see it.

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