DARG Valentines Day

DARG is hosting a Valentines Day sponsorship programme. Select a dog or cat from their list and give them food as a gift to your Valentine.


DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) has a list of animals on their website who are in need. Valentines Day is becoming highly commercialised and a large number of people now boycott celebrating the day.

DARG decided to host a Valentines Day campaign to raise funds for food to feed the animals with. So instead of spending money on chocolates you can sponsor a dog or cat and feed them. It also guarantees the animals have a special loved up day too!

 “They will each get to have an extra special meal, surprise treats and extra cuddles. Maybe even a new toy!”

To donate to the cause, you head over to their Facebook page and select the animal you would like to sponsor. Each sponsorship gets the animal food for the whole month of February, a wet food meal on Valentines Day and if they are a dog, a nice long walk or a cat, extra loves and cuddles.

DARG Valentines Cat DARG Valentines Dog

The DARG Facebook page has been flooded with people who are loving the Valentines Day concept.

 “I want to be all of these doggies and kitties valentines!!!!” – Natalie Ann Simpson

“Fantastic and very funny concept. Maybe the pooches and cats will have a romantic valentines all together” – Paul Lappeman

If you would like to have a dog or cat as your Valentine this year or if you want to sponsor one of them on behalf of a loved one you can take a look at all the animals personal profiles here. Everyone deserves love on Valentines Day, even them!

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