Burning Questions

An SA post is going viral for all the right reasons! The post encouraged black South Africans to ask white people their burning questions and it’s brilliant!


South Africa (27 October 2017) – We couldn’t contain our giggles while reading the burning questions put forward on the Facebook post! It was originally posted by the ‘Joburger’, a local public figure who has a massive South African following. He wanted to create a conversation and it worked!

Burning Questions

The point was for black South Africans to ask white South Africans their burning questions. The questions were really good and came from a good place! These are some of our favourite questions, everyone in the office read through them and these got all the LOL’s.

Q: “Why do white woman go to a salon pay big money only to come out looking the same?”  – Mango Jama 

A: “I’m white and I also wanna know this” – Jessie Delport 

A: “That is a mystery even to white men.” – Johann FW Engelbrecht 

A: “You don’t understand the struggle of a man when your mum asks do you like my hair and you don’t notice the difference” – Kevin Gee


Q: “Why y’all get hyped up for Sweet Caroline?” –  Carandah Hogg 

 A: “So that we can shout “pum pum “as loud as we want to” – Samantha Beukes

A: “Lawwwwwd…..I’m not gonna lie…that song is bomb, no wonder white folk always happy…how can u be angry listening to sweet caroline on your way to work” – Bongani Rapoo 

A: “It’s a psychological anchor that probably started decades ago. At some point a bunch of white people were drunk having a good time then the song played. Then it happened one or two times and the achor was set. Then some other white people were around these people when the song played and they saw how happy the original people were which made them happy and perhaps this happened once or twice again creating an anchor for these people, and then this process repeated until millions of white people went crazy when drunk and hearing this song. I emphasise drunk (plastered) because if you not and this song does it for you, you part of some weird tribe/culture.” – Jont Schoeman 


Q: “I asked to speak to the manager, he came, then I asked to speak to the managing director…is this the correct order of demand?” – Phehello Motlhake 

A: “Supervisor, Manager, Branch or Area manager, PA to MD or C.E.O. then C.E.O. C.E.O. or MD’S wife C.E.O or MD’S mother” – Jont Schoeman

The list of brilliant questions goes on for hours, you can read them all here. This exercise got the exact reaction that it should have and people couldn’t contain their happiness.

“I just wanted to say that reading all these comments made me so happy and proud to be a South African. It just shows how different and the same we all really are. And if we just talk to each other and get to know each other we can work through our problems together” – Gavin Marks 

“I went to an Afrikaans high school, I work at a mostly white dominated school and I must say; If both whites and blacks actually got to sit down and talk, one would find we have more in common than you think. Personally, some of the best people I know are white (and no, I ain’t coconut), I believe it’s high time both blacks and whites should get to know each other and make peace.” – Mzwakhe RadicalforChrist Zondo 

Update: The Facebook page and its content have since been removed however, we will retain this story due to the joy it brought so many South Africans.

Sources: Facebook
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