Watch: A video has gone viral of 3 cops “harassing” a man… Only it’s not what you think!

cops helping out

An Afrikaans man recruited 3 cops to help prank his girlfriend but what he was really up to, was even more beautiful than words can express.


An Afrikaans man was filmed being harrassed by 3 cops… Only that wasn’t what was actually happening! The man in the video had 3 cops pretend to harass him as a prank on his girlfriend. The prank was filmed and ended on a very postitive note! The man (and three officers) proposed.

The proposal may seem a little bit odd but as one of the commenters pointed out, that may just be her style! Plus she was extremely happy in the end, saying she had been waiting so long for him to propose.

The post has been shared over 8000 times in less than 24 hours and viewers are loving the feel good vibes the video shares.

Police played along quite nicely there… Something completely different from your normal restaurant proposal…” – Sandile Silwane

Nice guys great to see it’s not always negative stuff, well played by the SAPS gents” – Alain Alberts

I like to see black & white having fun together …….well done” – Kanya Sibuqashe

I love this! What fun hearted police officers to get involved in the proposal” – Amy Imogen Tanzer

We loved this video too. It is filled with love and as we have said before, we are all for sharing the love! Watch the prank/proposal below.

South African Police Scuffle

This video may surprise you…#NotPoliceBrutality 😉

Posted by Daniëlla Van Heerden on Sunday, 5 November 2017

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