Watch- Hollard Daredevil Run is Back And They Have a Hilarious Advert! Purple Power
Photo Cred: Hollard Daredevil Run

The annual Hollard Daredevil Run sees thousands of men don purple speedos to raise awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancers in South Africa.


Johannesburg, South Africa (20 September 2023) – In the heart of Johannesburg, amidst the bustling streets and honking horns of rush hour traffic, a sight to behold emerges each year on a unique day in October. Thousands of men, clad in nothing but purple speedos, take to the streets with a shared mission: to run cancer ‘outta their hoods’ and make a profound impact in the fight against testicular and prostate cancers.

The annual Hollard Daredevil Run has been a spectacle and a force for good for the past 13 years. Beyond the raised eyebrows and astonished gazes, this event has played a monumental role in raising awareness about testicular and prostate cancers, two health issues that often go unspoken.

Hollard, the driving force behind this remarkable event, has announced that the 2023 Daredevil Run will take place on Friday, 13 October. While superstitions may surround the date, there’s no doubt that this run is charmed with the power to change lives.

And to launch this year’s event, Daredevil Run has posted a hilarious advert featuring South Africa’s favourite funny man, Joey Rasdien.

Watch it here:

Running with Purpose

What makes the Daredevil Run truly exceptional is its purpose. All proceeds from this event go towards supporting the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa. These funds are channelled to fund testing in under-resourced areas, increase awareness, provide vital support, and drive critical research.

Joani Sadie, corporate relationship manager at CANSA, shared some remarkable insights into the impact of the Daredevil Run. Thanks to the funding from this event, CANSA was able to conduct over 2,000 PSA blood tests between January 2022 and March 2023. Sixteen of these tests returned abnormal results, prompting further investigation, and an additional 22 were referred for follow-up examinations.

These PSA blood tests, non-invasive and quick, have the potential to save lives. Elevated levels of the protein Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) may indicate the presence of prostate cancer, making early detection crucial.

Raising Awareness to Empower

Speaking about the importance of raising awareness, Joani Sadie emphasizes that many men may hesitate to talk about health issues or seek professional help. This delay in seeking assistance can result in late diagnoses and more advanced stages of cancer. Raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer empowers men to take control of their health and promotes earlier detection.

Sadie describes the Daredevil Run as a pioneering awareness campaign that encourages men to take responsibility for their health in a fun and innovative way. It’s about challenging stereotypes and making conversations about male cancers more common.

By 2030, prostate cancer is predicted to become the most common cancer in South Africa. Black African men face an estimated 60% higher risk of prostate cancer than other population groups. The good news is that the survival rate for men with early-stage prostate cancer is an impressive 95%.

Andrew Oberholzer, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa, acknowledges the significance of events like the Daredevil Run. He notes that these events are critical as they provide national-level educational opportunities to inform men and boys about prostate and testicular cancer.

From Awareness to Action

While testicular cancer is rare, it remains the most common cancer affecting males between the ages of 15 and 35. The five-year survival rate for early-stage prostate cancer is over 98%, while for advanced-stage cases, only 30% of men live longer than five years.

Hollard’s objective with the Daredevil Run is to encourage as many men and boys as possible to participate and create the biggest and bravest run ever. The event is about challenging stereotypes, taking men out of their comfort zones, and starting crucial conversations about male cancers. It’s about sharing the vital message that early detection saves lives.

Join the Purple Movement

For those eager to join this purple parade for a purpose, the Daredevil Run offers various options. In Johannesburg, participants can gather at the annual Zoo Lake event to run five kilometres at 15:00 on Friday, 13 October. But if you can’t make it to the main event, don’t worry; you can register to run on your own or with a group anywhere in the country on that day.

Watch- Hollard Daredevil Run is Back And They Have a Hilarious Advert! Purple Power
Photo Cred: Hollard Daredevil Run

Joanna Mondon, head of brand and advertising at Hollard, summarizes the significance of this event beautifully. By increasing awareness about testicular and prostate cancer, the Daredevil Run is helping to create better futures for the men in our lives.

Challenging stereotypes, stepping out of comfort zones, and sparking conversations about male cancers—these are the hallmarks of the Daredevil Run. It’s a celebration of unity, resilience, and hope, all wrapped up in a purple speedo.

Tickets for the 2023 Hollard Daredevil Run are now available at Ticketpro for R180.00. Each participant will receive a Daredevil Run registration pack, including the iconic purple speedo, delivered right to their doorstep.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Daredevil Run website at You can also join the Daredevil Run community on social media by following them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

As the purple wave takes to the streets once again, let’s remember that awareness leads to action, and action saves lives. So, join the purple movement, run with purpose, and be a part of the change we all wish to see in the fight against testicular and prostate cancers.

Sources: Hollard Daredevil Run 
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