Watch: South African Viral Double Drink-Down Sparks Global Banter!
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A spirited South African cricket fan has gained viral fame at Newlands, Cape Town, for her entertaining double drink-down captured on the “audience cam,” sparking a lighthearted international debate.


Western Cape, South Africa (23 January 2024) – A South African cricket fan has stolen the spotlight at Newlands, Cape Town, for her impressive and entertaining antics during a recent game.

Caught on the “audience cam,” this young lady’s unexpected double drink-down has become the talk of the town, showcasing the infectious spirit and humour of South African cricket fans.

The video captured the moment when the camera focused on her, and without hesitation, she swiftly downed her drink, much to the delight of the onlookers. However, the true magic happened a little while later when the camera revisited her spot. Undeterred by the attention, she playfully seized a drink from the neighbouring gentleman and repeated her feat, leaving the audience in splits.

@ackmla she strikes twice ✓ #cricket #sa20 #micapetownvspaarlroyals #SAMA28 #southafrica #capetown #newlands ♬ Popular – Music from the HBO Original Series – The Weeknd & Madonna

The video has since gone viral, drawing attention to her spirited performance and sparking a humorous debate in the comment section. Some viewers amusingly claimed she might be Australian or Canadian, attempting to share this viral sensation’s glory. However, South Africans were quick to set the record straight.

One commenter hilariously remarked, “I know a Canadian girl when I see one!” while another playfully quipped, “Things don’t get more Australian than this 😂.” The comment section further erupted with laughter as individuals from both Canada and Australia enthusiastically claimed her as their own, prompting a proud response from South Africans defending their compatriots.

“Why does everyone think she’s Aussie 😂 that’s an iconic Saffa girl right there 😌😂,” exclaimed one supporter, emphasising the unmistakable South African flair on display. Another commenter light-heartedly addressed the cultural confusion, stating, “These comments haibo. Now we must explain South Africa and Cricket 😂.”

The highlight of the footage, according to many, was the moment she boldly snatched the man’s beer with unapologetic confidence.

Comments flooded in, with one fan declaring, “This… This is how legends are made!!! She knew the assignment!!”

The overwhelming response from the online community echoed a sentiment of admiration, with phrases like “Champion 💪🏆👍😂😂😂” emphasizing the collective appreciation for her spontaneous and entertaining act.

While some good-natured banter ensued between the Australians and Canadians in the comment section, it was abundantly clear that this round belonged to the spirited South African cricket fan who, with a double drink-down, has become a viral legend.

Sorry Australia and Canada, but this time, South Africa takes the win – not once, but twice!

Cheers to the infectious spirit of cricket fans and the unexpected moments that make the game even more enjoyable for all.

Sources: TikTok 
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