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A television channel in Denmark released a video challenging the idea of putting people in boxes. In a series of questions they break down those stereotypes.


The video cover’s a variety of feelings, it makes you laugh, cry and feel happy. It uncovers that no matter which box we appear to fit into or what your stereotype is defined as, we all go through the same things! The video is going viral by having over 1.5 million views in just 2 days.

A series of questions is asked to a room full of people who have all been put into various boxes. The questions start out easy but get personal and difficult as the video goes on.

Whether you are a high earner or just getting by, a person who is trusted or avoided. Whether you are from the country side or have never seen a cow, people laugh as they realise they come from different boxes but have done the same things! Like having been the class clown in school, or are a step parent.

They feel sad having been bullied or remorse by realising the impact of having been the bully. Being madly in love or feeling alone.

“And then suddenly there is us!”, “And all of us that love to dance”, “So maybe there is more that brings us together than we think”

Facebook users have been posting amazingly positive comments on the video,

“Thanks a lot for this wonderful message” – Maria-Theresia Schwefer

“Thank you!! We need this SO MUCH, now more than ever!” – Jenny Hill

“This is my far the best commercial ever made! it’s been years since I cried but this commercial made me laugh and cry, simultaneously. Absolutely beautiful! This made my day. Thank you!” – Mona Miriam Hitsøy Rami 

Watch the video below:

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