Couple who lost all their wedding photos created the most amazing wedding album!

A South African couple who lost all their professional wedding photos have taken the tragedy and created the most amazing wedding album!


Warren and Ché, a couple who were married in South Africa in 2013 were left without any wedding photos after a small “catastrophe” involving a dog, a hard-drive and all their professional wedding photographers photos.

Warren and Ché originally met at Rhodes University while studying.

In an attempt to “re-create” their wedding album, wherever the couple have been on holiday, they’ve taken their wedding kit with them and snapped some “wedding photos” from around the world.

“A few months after we found out we had lost all our wedding photos, we were heading to Belgium for a music festival. Still a bit heartbroken that we didn’t have any wedding photos, I randomly joked to husband, I think I’m going to take my wedding dress.

To my astonishment he replied with, OK cool! What should I wear? And that’s how the adventures of the wedding dress began.”

The couple have had their photos taken all over the world with their amazing wedding album growing every time they visit a new place.

So far they have “wedding snaps” in France, Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium, Australia, England, South Africa and India.

Check out their instagram by clicking here to follow more of their adventures.

Sources: Instagram
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  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! We have such fun every time we put on our wedding kit! We’ve also added Bali and Austria to this list! I wonder where we will end up next!!

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