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In case you want to dress like Harvey Specter all the time… or maybe just to stay posh at the beach party.


For avid surfers who feel like business meetings are eating into their time on the waves, one forward-thinking fashion company might have the answer.

The ‘True Wetsuit’ is an attempt to tackle the wardobe woes of dudes who don’t have time to change en route to the boardroom.

Combining office and casual wear, the $3,000 neoprene two-piece, complete with shirt and tie style of your choice, offers a completely waterproof solution to addressing the work/life fasion balance. 

Developed by the team at Quiksilver Japan, True Wetsuits are high spec waterproof wetsuits that “can be worn from home, to the beach, and from the beach to the office with no need to change at all.”

“As your lifestyle changes, you have less and less time to go surfing,” says Shin Kimitsuka, Quiksilver’s Brand Director. “I thought it would be interesting to offer this product as a new solution to deal with that issue.”

The jacket, pants, and tie are both made of 2mm rubbery Neoprene that’s familiar to every surfer. The shirt is made from a tightfitting “Dryflight” fabric developed in conjunction with 3M. The suit comes in three varieties: Two business suits, one in black, one in navy. There’s also a tuxedo style just in case you need to make a s splash at formal party. Handsome surfer man not included.

Watch the promo video below:

Sources: QuickSilver
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  1. “can be worn from home, to the beach, and from the beach to the office” I really do not know what word that i need to describe when i see that promo video. Awesome? Too way common. But this is something indigenous for the true surfer, imagine you have some stressful work at the office, there you go, no need to change into normal wetsuit or wear the wetsuit boots, just plunge yourself into the waves and all the problem at the office will be gone.

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